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Q – Can Balsa be used in Structural applications?
A – No, Balsa is designed for use as a decorative, non-structural product.
Q – What can Balsa be overlaid with?
A – Balsa can be digitally printed (Rawinkk), overlaid with timber veneer, vinyl, laminate and painted.
Q – What fire rating does Balsa comply to?
A – Balsa/MDF composite panels have a Group 3 fire rating.
Q - Is Balsa sourced from sustainable resource?
A - Yes, our Balsa is FSC certified and is sourced from plantations. Typically a tree takes 4 years to grow from seeding to harvesting.
Q - What is the largest lightweight door size available?
A - As a standard option 2700 x 1800mm is our largest, however other sizes are available on request.

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