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Bendy Plywood is able to bend around a tight radius

Bendy Plywood is produced with a 3 ply construction. Typically made with a thin center core and two thicker surface veneers, It has the ability to bend around a tight radius.

The sheets bend either along the length of the sheet (long grain) or across the width of the sheet (cross grain).

Bendy Plywood is manufacturered with a Melamine Urea Formaldehyde glue, so it is designed for interior use only.

Cross grain Bendy Ply is ideal for shopfitting applications such as reception counters.

Long grain Bendy Ply can be rolled up to produce a vertical column 2.4m high.

Sheet Sizes:

Long Grain: 2440 x 1220 x 5 / 8mm
Cross Grain: 1220 x 2440 x 5 / 8mm